Wood Cooking Stoves

Wood Cooking Stoves, Many Brands and Styles of New wood cooking stoves for sale.

As a society we have spent the better part of the 20th century replacing wood energy with gas, oil or electric. Now we are beginning to realize that wood may have been the best option.

Kitchen Queen - Well built and pretty Wood Cook Stoves

Deva - Wood Cook Sto...

Wood Cooking Stoves, Many Brands and Styles of New wood cooking stoves for sale.

As a society we have spent the better part of the 20th century replacing wood energy with gas, oil or electric. Now we are beginning to realize that wood may have been the best option.

Kitchen Queen - Well built and pretty Wood Cook Stoves

Deva - Wood Cook Stove

Pioneer - Wood Cook Stoves

Grand - Amish made in the USA Wood Cook Stove

Bakers Oven - Wood Cook Stove

Stanley Waterford - Wood Cook Stoves

Heartland - Wood Cook Stoves

Ashland - Wood and Coal Cook Stoves

Margin - Wood and Coal Cook Stoves

Are some of the brands we offer - 

Wood Cooking Stoves, Many styles of wood cooking stoves to choose from


Wood Cooking Stoves There are 23 products.


  • Kitchen Queen - Wood...

    Kitchen Queen - Wood Cook Stove


    The Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove is one of the best most durable, efficient and economical wood-fired stoves on the market. 

    Two model sizes are offered: the smaller cook stove is the model Kitchen Queen 380.  The larger unit is the model Kitchen Queen 480.  Both Models are capable of meeting your homes cooking and heating needs.

    Kitchen Queen Stoves wood cook stoves are hand made by Amish craftsman.

    Kitchen Queen wood cook stoves come with options to heat water, which makes Kitchen Queen the perfect wood-burning cook stove for the self-sufficient home.

    The Kitchen Queen stove, wood cook stove works with natural heat convection. The Kitchen Queen wood cook stove has been designed and tested with economy, efficiency and utility in mind. 

  • Deva Wood Cook Stove

    The Deva 100 cook stove ushers in a new era in wood-fired cook stoves. From its durable enameled cast iron surfaces as well as the nickel and chrome details to its ceramic glass cook surface and user friendly controls, it is a wood cook stove for your family, today.

    The Deva oven is 17.25 inches wide, 15 inches high, and nearly 17 inches deep – large enough to cook a 20 pound turkey, or bake a couple of batches of cookies and a cake with ease. The oven door’s large window allows you to easily monitor the cooking process.

    Holds up to 32 lbs. of wood. The Deva 100 wood cook stove deep firebox allows use of logs up to 17" in length.

    The Deva cook stove - Oven operation is simple, easy to control and consistent. The thermometer is located in the center of the oven’s window for easy visibility, and precise temperature control. Dual unit thermometer shows Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

  • Pioneer Stoves.

    The Pioneer Stoves story begins back in the l970`s on a dairy farm in Southern Ontario. Two Amish brothers were trying to make a living from their partnership hand milking Holstein cows. The younger of the two, Mark Stoll, had just returned with his wife and young family after having spent ten years in the small Central American country of Honduras.


    Mark and his wife moved into the small tenant house on the farm. Being Amish, they of course had no electricity, phone, TV etc. Mark’s wife needed a cookstove for preparing food, and they also needed some way to heat the house. It did not seem reasonable to put two stoves into the small house, yet there was no stove available that would efficiently heat the house besides doing the cooking and baking.

    After much discussion, Elmo and Mark decided to design a heater/cookstove combination. They called this stove the Pioneer Maid.

    The Pioneer Maid was the first airtight cookstove ever built that utilized the efficient downdraft air intake. The Pioneer Maid instantly became a hit among the Amish people and soon word got around and the general public began buying it as well.

    Elmo and Mark called their newly formed company Suppertime Stoves. Suppertime Stoves is still alive and well today, being owned and operated by Mark and two of his son in law.

    Two of Elmo’s sons took their family’s share of the stove manufacturing business with them when they moved to the rugged backcountry of Caneyville, Kentucky to join the Caneyville Christian Community. At Caneyville, sharing a two hundred acre property with thirteen other families, they formed the little sister to Suppertime Stoves, Pioneer Stoves.

    Caneyville Christian Community is not, just another subdivision or housing development, nor is Pioneer Stoves a run or-·the mill manufacturing company. The fifteen families at Caneyville Christian Community live without most of the conveniences that the average American takes for granted. Electricity, computers, cell phones, cars and the like have been traded for the slower pace of horse and buggies, hand tools, and face to face communication. The Christian Community at Caneyville, besides having several families like Aaron and Solomon Stoll who were born and raised in a horse and buggy lifestyle, has attracted several families and individuals who are new to the “simple” life and it’s unique joys and challenges.

    Pioneer Stoves has come to play a pivotal role in the community’s attempt to provide work for its members. Pioneer Stoves is communally owned, and is being relied upon as a primary income source for those new to the community, and a secondary source for some who have lived here long enough to establish other sources of income such as vegetable farming and horseshoeing.

    You may be interested in the fact that not only is Pioneer Stoves being utilized as a force in lifestyle and social change, but our energy source is also non conventional.

    One hears phrases like “Green” and “Carbon Neutral” being tossed around these days. We don’t claim to be up on the latest wisdom concerning global warming and renewable energy, but here in our little secluded corner of the country we are quietly doing our part. The Pioneer Stoves manufacturing facility is powered by an antique steam engine. We feed the boiler with scraps from a local pallet remanufacturing plant. And of course, true to the legacy we inherited of making one stove multi task for us, we utilize the waste heat from our steam engine to heat the shop in the winter months.

    If you happen to be traveling by, drop in and visit us. We will be glad to show you not only our shop, but also our little community. You will find us enjoying each other’s company, living a life we are passionate about, and building a product we believe is a good thing to have built.

    Here is another model by Pioneer Stoves called the Pioneer Princess. This factory video explains about the water reservoir options.

  • Mealmaster Wood Cook...

    The entire inside body of the range is constructed of Armco Aluminized Steel that has great strength and high resistance to rust and corrosion. The outside is finished in porcelain enamel.

    Mealmaster's patented two-piece lift top will stand up either direction without holding. Both pieces of the lift top can be raised as one unit when building a fire. For refueling, the front piece only is raised, thus preventing smoke and fumes from escaping.

    All Mealmaster Ranges are equipped with a specially designed "five-sided" oven finished in porcelain enamel.

    The oven is heated by a series of three flues extending to the top, bottom, back and both sides. This new method of heating guarantees you more uniform heat in all parts of the oven. The door is insulated with fiberglass, thus preventing loss of heat.

    All Mealmaster ranges are equipped with a thermometer that accurately registers oven heat. The cooking top is made of heavily reinforced castings, ground and polished to a smooth even finish. The utility or storage drawer is standard equipment on all deluxe models. Plenty of room to store your cooking utensils. Drawers operate on noiseless runners for ease in opening and closing. The firebox of this range is completely lined with long lasting firebrick. Firebrick will give you longer service than the old type cast iron linings and costs no more to replace.

  • Margin Stoves

    Margin Wood Cook Stoves Flame View wood cook stove Margin Gem Wood cook Stove Gem Pac Wood cook stove

    Margin Gem series—an exceptionally good looking stove that will have people looking twice

  • Bakers Oven

    Bakers Oven - Heater, Oven and Wood Cook Stove

    The Bakers Choice is small enough to fit into your kitchen, yet large enough to do the job of heating, baking and cooking all in one unit.From Australia's leading maker of slow combustion heaters, the Baker's Oven is a heater, classic wood oven and cook top combined.

    With style from a bygone era, the Baker's Oven will grace your home and vacation cottage.

    It will cook everything from crispy, fresh bread to succulent juicy roasts.

    More Information click here

  • Ashland Stoves
    Ashland New Decade and the Ashland Deluxe Wood Cook Stoves

    this cookstove is environmentally friendly with an emission level as low as 1.34Gr/h and an efficiency of 78,6% (LHV); the results were obtain with official tests accordind to Canadian environmental standard B415.1-10 (The Canadian equivalent of the U.S. EPA environmental standard).

  • Ellis Cook Stove
  • J. A. ROBY

    With over 40 years of expertise
    and thousands of appliances sold

    J. A. ROBY has become one of the best manufacturer in hearth products through North America. We are constantly on the look-out for new technologies and our specialists rival in ingenuity to meet the needs of its customers by offering them even more efficient and cleaner appliances. We build original models running on wood, gas, ethanol and oil.

    The company was founded in 1975.  At the time it was named «Robitaille et Fils fer ornemental» and was specialized in crafting fireplace doors, staircases, bannisters and other metal products.  In 1976, Alain Robitaille joined the company as co-owner with the idea to create an outdoor fireplace.  This initiative was the catalyst to the change of orientation of the company.

    In the early 1980s, the company’s first wood burning stove was made and the company would henceforth be called J. A. ROBY INC.  In the following years, an important oil crisis began in North America and a strong demand for wood burning heating appliances was felt for several consecutive years, which helped J. A. ROBY INC. take its place in the controlled combustion wood stove market.

    For many years now, the company has been mindful of the environment and greenhouse gases.  J. A. ROBY INC. has committed itself to improve its products by using the latest technologies to modernize the combustion of its appliances to make them ecological and clean.  Thanks to original concepts, top-of-the-line techniques, an outstanding customer support and a complete warranty, J. A. ROBY INC. now has a solid reputation in the market. We also design furnaces, wood cook stoves, gas fireplaces and round-the-clock,completely autonomous oil stoves.

    J. A. ROBY’s commitment to offer quality products and an exceptional service are integral parts of our policies and represent the core of our company in order to insure the satisfaction of our customers.
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