I certify that I have read and agree to Antique Stoves Terms and Conditions. I understand that I am entering into a legally binding contract with Antique Stoves. I will fully inspect any freight that I receive and note any damage on the Bill Of Lading. If the product has damage that is repairable I will note it on the Bill Of Lading and refuse the product.   By failing to note damage on the Bill Of Lading I will be responsible for making my own claim with the freight company and can not hold Antique Stoves liable. If I decide I would like to return the product I may do so. The product must be new in undamaged condition. I will be charged a 20% restocking fee and will also be responsible for the freight to send the product back to Antique Stoves. I will not be refunded any of my original shipping charges.
All installation and operation must follow Federal, Provincial, State and local codes. Installation should be done by qualified personnel and conform to national and local building, electrical and heating codes. Neither the Manufacturer nor the Seller are liable for damages to personnel or property for misuse, improper installation of equipment or for knowing local installation codes. The purchaser of the products on this invoice, or the homeowner assumes all responsibility for this.

By accepting this form and submitting it to Antique Stoves, I agree to the above Terms and Conditions.