Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove


A stove that is very practical to heat your home as well as cook your meals

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  1. Heating capacity of 1750 square feet or more
  2. Airtight firebox will take up to a 17 inch log 
  3. Front load firebox enables you to keep cooking or canning without moving pots
  4. Bell draft control firebox
  5. Cast iron cooking surface for a strong and evenly heated cook top
  6. Cast iron wood grate system
  7. Exclusive "Air Jet" re-burn design
  8. Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal
  9. Porcelain exterior finish throughout, standard in black
  10. Porcelain black oven interior
  11. Nickel plated trim
  12. Ships with free lid lifter, poker and ash scraper
  13. Limited one-year warranty

SPECIFICATIONS: Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove

Unit overall width   42"    52"
Unit overall height   60"      60"
Height to cooking surface   31 1/2 "    31 1/2 "
Cast iron cooking top size
(double plate steel over reservoir)
  26 x 37"     26 x 37"  
Firebox size   17" L x 12" W x 14" D   17" L x 12" W x 14" D
Bake oven size   20"W x 20"D x 10 3/4"H       20"W x 20"D x 10 3/4"H    
Exhaust flue size   7"   7"
Reservoir capacity   N/A      5 Gallons  
Approx. heating capacity   1750 Sq. Ft.    1750 Sq. Ft. 
Approx. shipping weight   600 LBS   550 LBS
Safety tested to   ULC-S627     ULC-S627  
     UL-1482    UL-1482


Shawna and Rob 12/12/2014

Nickel Plated Trim Is Beautiful

This stove is perfect for us! I love the look and how it beautifully fits in our home! Not only does it produce an even heat but you can continue your cooking without moving your pots and pans with the front loading firebox. I love the nickel plated trim it really sets it off.

Elle W. 12/12/2014


I never thought that I would be able to figure out how to cook in or on a wood cook stove. Yet, I have found it to be so easy! Not to mention it keeps our house very cozy. Being able to load more wood in while continuing cooking is great!

Brenda 12/12/2014


The Margin Gem is gorgeous! I absolutely love this stove!

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Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove

Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove

A stove that is very practical to heat your home as well as cook your meals

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