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High Quality Wood Cook Stoves Available

We have been helping people find the right wood cook stove to cook their meals and warm their homes all across the USA since 1984 and a online retailer since 1997.

One of, if not the oldest online retailer specializing in wood cook stoves.

Growing up in a home with a wood cook stove. And still using a wood Cook Stove.

Gives me many years of personal use of a wood cook stove, restoration of stoves and helping people find the right wood cook stove gives Antique stoves co. very extensive knowledge about wood cook stoves use and operations.

My mother used her Kitchen Queen wood cook stove from 1988 until her death in 2013. That stove is still in use! Her Kitchen Queen operated flawlessly all these years. She used it for cooking, baking, canning and home heating. She loved the way the Kitchen Queen baked and everyone loved the bread she baked in it!

Antiquestoves.us offers all the best built and best selling wood cook stoves and wood stoves or coal stoves made in the US and Canada.

Antiquestoves.us also offers the 4 best selling wood cook stove brands in the US they are Kitchen Queen Stoves, Pioneer Stoves, Margin Stoves, Grand Stove are all hand crafted by Amish or Mennonite craftsmen. Giving quality, durability and economy to each of these brands of wood cooking stoves.

Rest assured we can get you the best wood cook stove for your home that will give you years of wonderful food and a warm cozy home.

The choice is up to you.