Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove 480


Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Model: 480

Kitchen Queen Stove - Fire View Door, Oven View Door, Water Reservoir, Hot Water Coil, Warming Oven, Summer Grate Options listed below

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The Kitchen Queen Cook Stove has been designed and tested with economy, efficiency , and utility in mind.  The Kitchen Queen works with natural heat convection.  The design is a radical and daring departure from the wood ranges of yesteryear.

It will:

Cook your Food Heat your Water Warm your Home

Bake your Bread

Save you Money


Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove features:

New design reduces creosote  buildup to a bare minimum. 

Under normal circumstances, virtually no liquid creosote is deposited in the stove.

Two hot water heating systems:

a 17 or 25 gallon reservoir that fits neatly on the back of the stove (taking up no extra floor space), or coils for hooking up to a remote storage tank.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel with all seams welded throughout for lifetime airtight construction.
Large airtight firebox capable of heating up to 2500sq. ft. Choice of two sizes. Large fire loading door reduces wood splitting.
Large even-heating oven. 

Heat is first directed under the oven to work with natural heat convection.

Porcelain enamel finish High back with 7" or 9" warming shelf keeps things you need handy.
Warming Oven or Shelf Stay cool spring handles. No splitting or burning off.
Porcelain enamel oven liner. Smooth one-piece top with 10 inch lids makes cleaning easier.

Grates and ash pan for easy cleaning.



Beth S. 12/11/2014

New Winter Lover!

This year I could not wait for winter and chilly temperatures so I had an excuse to light a fire. I am so glad we chose to go with the glass door so I can not only enjoy the warmth but see the beautiful flames glow. Personally I think that this is the best wood cook stove there is!

Rita Matthews 12/11/2014

5 Stars

Amazing stove!! Right amount of heat, great tasting food, great customer service, and great product!

James & Wendy 12/11/2014

Great service & great product!

Last winter the price of fuel oil made us decide to look for an alternative heating source. However, we had no idea what we needed. When we came across we gave them a call. They were friendly and helped us determine what size and style would work best in our home. A few short weeks later we were installing the KQ. We could not have made a better choice. So thankful we found such a great business to purchase from!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Gretchen 12/11/2014


The KQ keeps our house warm and holds a great fire. Our grandkids love sitting by our new KQ and watching the fire glow through the glass door. Happy we made the decision to purchase a new wood cook stove! =)

The William's Family 12/11/2014

Perfect Stove For Us!

In love with our Kitchen Queen! Thanks again!

Barb W. 12/11/2014

More than one way to use the KQ!

I have found so many uses for my Kitchen Queen! Every time I think I have found every way possible to use it I find ANOTHER use for it!

Trevor & Amanda King 12/11/2014

Very Happy!

Finding the right stove for us was not easy. It took a lot of time for us to think it over and a lot of calls to customer service. Thankfully the staff was extremely patient with us and answered all of our questions. Now that it is here I could never go back to gas heat or a gas stove!

Kristie Thompson 12/11/2014

Great Stove!

This is the best stove on the market! I recommend everyone looking to purchase a new wood cook stove goes with the Kitchen Queen!

Lacey & Kevin 12/11/2014

Warm in Ohio!

Winter came on pretty fast, even though it is nothing like the years before. We could not be happier with our new Kitchen Queen. Not only do I love the build but I can't get enough when it comes to cooking! Making this purchase was the best decision we ever made!

Tammy 12/11/2014

Love my Kitchen Queen

I am so glad that I took my friends advice and purchased the Kitchen Queen through! Thanks again Ed!

Harry & Lisa 10/03/2014

Kitchen Queen

Just this spring I decided to purchase my Kitchen Queen and had it installed in July. It just started to get chilly at night a few days ago so I decided to stoke it up and see what it could do. I am in love with the heat it produces! It thoroughly heat my home and I did not have to get up in the middle of the night to add wood. I am so glad that I decided to go with this stove. Thanks again!

Allen M. 10/03/2014

The Glass Door

One of my biggest regrets is that I did not purchase the glass door for my Kitchen Queen. If I ever buy a new one that is the one thing I will change.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Kelley 10/02/2014

Good Stove

I have had my KQ for the last five years and I love it.

Robert 10/02/2014

Thankful for the Kitchen Queen!

With the weather we have had the last few winters and I am so glad that I decided to take the leap and buy the Kitchen Queen! Last winter using fuel oil solely as a back up we only had to fill the tank one time throughout the entire winter. With the rising cost of fuel oil we were grateful for that. We had no power for 3 days after the last big storm and the Kitchen Queen was able to keep out 2,400 square foot home warm.

Jen 10/02/2014

The KQ is the total package!

I purchased the Kitchen Queen from last May and had it installed in August. I could not be happier! The size of the logs I am able to use as well as the amount of time it holds a fire are remarkable! It is easy to cook on and the food actually turns out better than on a regular stove in my opinion! The service I received from was great and they were quick to respond to my email. Not only did they help me to find the perfect stove but also they were very kind. It is not often that you find great products and great customer services in the same place. The Kitchen Queen is the best stove on the market!

Alex 10/02/2014

Great Stove

We live in an old farmhouse, which as you can imagine is very hard to heat. There are 8 bedrooms between the two floors with a total of 4200 square feet. We had an older wood stove but it was just not working like it used to so we decided to look for a new one. After searching various sites we came across My wife loved the look of the Kitchen Queen so I gave in and purchased one. Not only does it heat our entire home but also I have never seen my wife happier than when she is cooking on her new stove. With the ever-rising costs of living we have always tried to stick to the most energy efficient products and the Kitchen Queen is definitely one of them. I am so glad that we decided to purchase the Kitchen Queen and I will be recommending it to everyone.

Theodore 10/02/2014

Best Decision

One of the best investments I have ever made was the Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove. Winters were always hard on us especially having to purchase fuel oil. Every month we were paying over $600 just to heat our home. Two years ago I finally listened to my dad and decided to switch over to wood heat. Not only have I noticed a complete difference in the feel of the heat but in my wallet too. Between my folks and I we own over 1,000 acres and 95% of it is woods. We are able to heat both of homes all winter and the cost is nothing compared to what it once was. I am so glad that I took the step to wood heat and even happier that I chose the Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove. My wife loves cooking on it and she is teaching our oldest daughter how to cook on it as well. My son and his wife are buying there first home and they have decided to purchase a Kitchen Queen too! From this point on we will always be a wood burning and cooking family!

Shirley & Jeff 10/02/2014

Satisfied Customer

The Kitchen Queen is the best stove on the market. We have had one for the last ten years and could not be more satisfied. We have taken it with us when we moved and will never go without one! Our home is 2300 square feet and it heats every inch of it. Living in Michigan you never know what the weather will be like from day to day making it even more important to have a good heat source. Last winter when it got down to below freezing temperatures we had no problem keeping our home warm. When a part broke on it recently we contacted and we were very satisfied with customer service. We were not entirely sure which part was correct so we emailed customer service with our stoves information and a picture and were contacted the very next day. We were able to purchase the part and get back to using are stove in no time. I could not be happier with customer service or my stove. Thanks again

Marge 10/02/2014

Amazing Cook Stove!

Last year was one of the worst winter's we have had in a long time. Luckily we decided to purchase the Kitchen Queen during the spring and install it in the summer. The weather was frigid and the storms that hit were horrible. Thousands were without power as well as us. While we did not have power for days we were still able to heat our home and cook. This made being without power much more bearable. We were able to take in our family and keep them warm and fed as well. I do not know why we ever used a regular stove or regular heat before. I am in love with the Kitchen Queen and I will never go back to a regular stove or gas heat!

Jim R 09/04/2014

The Kitchen Queen is great

I had one for 17 years and love it

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Kitchen Queen Wood Cook  Stove 480

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove 480

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Model: 480

Kitchen Queen Stove - Fire View Door, Oven View Door, Water Reservoir, Hot Water Coil, Warming Oven, Summer Grate Options listed below

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