Bakers Choice Wood Cook Stove

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The Baker's Choice Wood Coal Cook Stove - by Pioneer Stoves

Economy Model

Wood Coal Cook Stove

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The Baker's Choice Wood Coal Cook Stove

  1. Firebox is lined with refractory brick lining, custom molded.
  2. There is a front loading, as well as an 11" inch lid on top to put fuel in.
  3. The Baker's Choice has grates, equipped to burn either wood or coal.
  4. Hot water coil - warm oven & water tank options available.
  5. The intensity of the heat is controlled by how much air goes into your firebox though the grates. Air goes into your fire chamber when the ash pan is pulled out.
  6. The Bakers' Choice has some stainless steel to protect against corrosion.
  7. The stove is painted black with high heat paint, it's not porcelain enamel. One size only, with a water reservoir.
  8. The oven door swings out, not down.
  9. There is no lid for the water reservoir.
  10. UL listed to 1482 U.L.C. listed to 5627 and CSA B


Note: Unlike most stoves, even though they are tested to UL standards, they need floor protection ¾" thick that extends to the front and sides an additional 18"


High Back and Shelf
A high back and sturdy shelf provide convenient storage for the items you like to have handy when cooking and baking.

Bakers Choice rear reservoir

Kinter's in Michigan 12/12/2014

Happy and Warm

Once you switch to wood heat you will never go back. Gas heat never really keeps you warm enough unless you constantly have your furnace running. However, this stove allows you to feel a warmth like no other. Happy we have our Baker's Choice to keep us warm!

Tosha and Aaron Stevens 12/12/2014

Loving Chilly Temps.

We ordered our Baker's Choice this summer and I have to say that I am loving the chilly temperatures now. I used to hate winter but knowing that we have an amazing heat source allows me to worry less. I am so glad we found Antique Stoves and this amazing wood cook stove!

Danielle & Cameron B. 12/12/2014

Best Present

My parents surprised us last year and bought us the Baker's Choice. It is the best present we have ever received. Being new home owners and new parents it is great that we are able to save on money when it comes to heating in the winter. Thanks Mom & Dad and thank you Antique Stoves for helping them get us the perfect gift!

Amanda 12/12/2014

Best Customer Service

This is a great stove! The Baker's Choice is amazing! I find myself cooking more now than ever before. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks I love the taste of food that is cooked using wood heat. So grateful that we found Antique Stoves and they were so friendly. They answered all of our questions and were with us every step of the way until it arrived. If we ever purchase another wood cook stove it will be through Antique Stoves!

Richard Beck 12/12/2014

Starter Stove

We just purchased our starter home and knew we needed a stove that we could start out with as well. The Baker's Choice is that stove! It is easy to use and I love that the door swings out rather than down! Great starter stove for us!

Glant Family 12/12/2014

First Wood Cook Stove

Amazing Stove! Amazing Price! Great decision as our first wood cook stove.

Elizabeth & Patrick 12/12/2014

Weight Lifted

We wanted a wood cook stove that had alternative ways of heating which was what led us to the Baker's Choice. Knowing that we have to ways to use this oven takes the weight off of our shoulders knowing that if we cannot get to our wood we can use coal instead. Overall I am so glad we made the decision to go with the Baker's Choice

Kim 12/12/2014

So easy to use!

The oven door swinging out rather than down makes it so much easy to use. I used to burn my hands on our stove all of the time but with the out swinging door I no longer have to worry!

Anxious in Ohio 12/12/2014

Just Right

I think this stove is just right for our home! I cannot wait for it to get here! Thanks again Antique Stoves.

Bobby Jones 10/03/2014

Highly Recommend

A few years ago I decided that it was time to buy a wood stove for the upstairs. We already have a wood stove in our lower level but I wanted to make sure that if we lost power we were able to stay warm. The one time you do not want to be without heat is in the middle of winter! I contacted and they walked me through the best choices for my needs. I was very happy with the customer service I received! The first time I used it was when we got hit with a large snowstorm and were without power for 3 days. I was completely satisfied with the amount of heat it put off and the added oven to make food. I did not have get up and add wood at all through the night. The Baker’s Choice really was the best choice for our home. I recommend it to anyone looking for another source of heat!

Sarah King 10/03/2014

Great Stove & Great Price

My husband told me that I could choose any stove I wanted and the Baker’s Choice was the best suited for my needs. There is no smoking in the house and it is very easy to clean. My favorite part is using it for my cooking. Something about this type of cooking just makes everything taste better. It is really a great wood cook stove!

Kevin 10/03/2014

Great Buy!

Last winter we decided to buy a Baker’s Choice wood stove and absolutely love it so far! It heats the house better than our last wood stove and I enjoy cooking on it. I am able to easily bake my pies and breads in the oven. The Baker’s Choice is well worth the money. So glad we came across!

Randy 10/03/2014

Energy Efficient

When we decided to look into a more energy efficient lifestyle we knew the first thing we needed to do was find a new heat source. The Baker’s Choice was the best decision we ever made! Not only is the stove durably crafted, it cooks and bakes with ease. It easily heats our home and the price really makes it an affordable choice! I recommend anyone looking for a reliable stove goes with the Baker’s Choice.

Don 10/03/2014

Great Price!

We had no previous experience with purchasing wood cook stoves before buying the Baker’s Choice. However the affordable price and the ability to cook on it as well as heat our home made it the perfect choice. It fits all of our needs! The amazing staff at is great! They answered all of our questions, were very quick to respond to our emails regarding concerns and they made sure we understood everything. I am so glad we came across!

Joe 10/03/2014

Starter Wood Stove!

The Baker’s Choice is a great choice for those just starting out with a wood stove. It heats are 1,200 square foot home wonderfully and the price is great! You get more than your money’s worth with this wood stove! Thanks again!

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Bakers Choice Wood Cook Stove

Bakers Choice Wood Cook Stove

The Baker's Choice Wood Coal Cook Stove - by Pioneer Stoves

Economy Model

Wood Coal Cook Stove

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