Fire Flue Water Heater



The Fire Flue Water Heater, flue-mounted hot-water heater - 6" flue diameter

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Shipping Rate: $75

 The Fire Flue is 304, 14 Gauge welded stainless steel water heater. 

Having a water jacket fitted to a heavy duty central tube that fits between the top of the firebox and the chimney flue for maximum heat absorption from the fire and energy saving.  This means that much of the heat exiting the fire box is in contact with the central tube, and the heat is transferred into the water contained within the water jacket.

14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel

Welded construction

Made for 6 inch Flue

3/4 inch standard pipe thread

24 Inches long

Made in the USA by Amish Craftsman


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