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We aren’t the only ones that love Kitchen Queen wood stoves.  People are posting videos of themselves using their Kitchen Queen’s at home.  This is definitely one of our favorites.  Check out this video below from YouTube vlogger thebossoftheswamp.  He has his own channel on YouTube dedicated to off-grid living and the utilization of natural resources.  It’s always nice to see how people use their Kitchen Queen stoves in real life situations and on a daily basis.  Feel free to also check out our YouTube channel for more videos on Kitchen Queen options,  how-to videos, and even construction videos from the manufacturer themselves.

Kitchen Queen YouTube Channel –


Demonstrating how I cook my food, heat my home and heat my water all with the same fire. A woodfired oven is an essential tool for the self sufficient homestead.
On my channel you will find informative and entertaining videos pertaining to modern homesteading and living off the grid with fun DIY projects for simple living. Sharing my insights and adventures from over 30 years of living in the woods.
Royalty free audio files provided by and Footage Firm which I am fully licensed for.
Filming and editing by JC Desclos

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