Kitchen Queen

Kitchen Queen – How To’s

If you have just purchased a new Kitchen Queen stove or just had one installed in your home, you may be wondering what needs to be done before you can start cooking with it.

Your new Kitchen Queen comes with a rust inhibitor that should be removed from the stove top before first use.  This is very simple to do and can be accomplished with mineral spirits from your local “big box” store or hardware store and some clean paper towel.  You will want to be sure to remove as much of the mineral spirits from the stove top as possible before doing the first burn on the stove.


Once you have gotten the surface prep done, you will want to install the towel bars.  This is very simple to do and can be accomplished with just one person.  If you purchased the side shelf option you will want to do that installation at the same time and not install the towel bar on the side the shelf will be on.  The only tool that you will need for the towel bars is a phillips screwdriver.



Finally, after you have done the surface prep, installed the towel bars, side shelf (if purchased), and the front apron, you are ready to light the stove and do your first burn.  It’s important to note that everyone’s circumstance will be slightly different.  The type of wood, dryness of the wood, air flow, chimney, etc. will affect the lighting ability, burn time, and intensity of the fire.


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