Kitchen Queen New UL Testing

March 8, 2016 was a big day for the Kitchen Queen wood cookstove.  On that day the Kitchen Queen was retested by Guardian.  Quite a few new and exciting changes came out of the results of this UL testing.  Below I will include a video that was taken at the Kitchen Queen manufacturing facility.  In the video, Kitchen Queen owner Duane Miller and nation wide distributor Joe Anderson, discuss all of the updated UL installation guidelines.

One of the biggest changes is the floor protection requirement.  Previously Kitchen Queen stoves required a floor protection with a R-value of 1.8.  This meant that you basically had to have some kind of masonry under the stove.  After the latest UL testing, the new UL requirement for floor protection is a R-value of 0.  The only requirement now is to have a Type 1 (ember) floor protection, which is the requirement for most wood stoves.  This type of floor protection can be purchased at any hearth store or even your local Lowe’s, Menards, and Home Depot (if they carry stove supplies).

The most exciting news is that the clearances to combustibles has also been reduced.  This is a huge change because it means that now Kitchen Queen stoves can be placed into smaller spaces.  Not everyone has the luxury of a large kitchen or spacious great room where there is plenty of room to place a Model 480 and still have room to spare.  Some people are looking to install their Kitchen Queen in a smaller hunting cabin or a cozy year round home.  In these cases any thing that saves space is a bonus.  Under the requirements, your stove would have to be placed at least 18 inches from an unprotected combustible surface on the side and at least 36 inches from an unprotected combustible surface in the rear of the stove.  That is quite a bit of space to have to give up when you are working with limited space to begin with.  Since the UL testing was completed, these clearance to combustible requirements have also been decreased.  Under the updated UL requirements your Kitchen Queen only has to be 12 inches from unprotected surfaces on the side and 18 inches from unprotected surfaces in the rear.  Then, to make it even better, if you have a side heat shield that clearance requirement drops down to only 2 inches on the side.

Lastly, but definitely not least, the flue size of the Model 480 has changed.  Standard chimney size is normally 6 inches.  Many people have pre-existing chimneys that they would like to use when making a wood stove purchase.  The Kitchen Queen Model 380 has always had a 6 inch flue, but the Model 480 used to have a 7 inch flue.  This made things difficult sometimes if you were planning to use a 6 inch chimney that was already in place.  Requirements state that you can not reduce the the stove pipe from the stove to the chimney.  So you would be required to switch out that 6 inch pipe and replace it with 7 inch pipe if you had purchased a Model 480.  Not any more!  Now ALL Kitchen Queen stoves will come with a 6 inch flue standard.

Watch the video below to hear more about all of these exciting new changes.

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