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Kitchen Queen Hot Water Coil

One of the questions we get asked the most by customers that are interested in purchasing a Kitchen Queen is; do I need to purchase a hot water coil?  And the answer to that question depends on the needs of each individual.  If you purchase the water reservoir for your Kitchen Queen it is not a requirement that you also purchase the water coil.  These options can both be purchased separately.  It is always possible to purchase the reservoir with your stove and then purchase the water coil at a later date if your hot water needs change.

The first thing I ask someone that is trying to decide if they need the hot water coil or not is; how much hot water do you plan to use?  The water reservoirs that are available from Kitchen Queen are one of the largest on the market.  That doesn’t mean it has to have a water coil installed to maintain hot water.  Because of the way that the Kitchen Queen reservoir is built and sits on the stove, the water is being heated as long as the stove is lit.  Basically the reservoir acts as a large tea kettle, and is heated by the hot gases that come up from the flue and also by the stove top.  If you are not going to be using over 17-24 gallons of hot water at a time, then you would not necessarily need to have a water coil installed.

On the other hand, if you are going to be using your Kitchen Queen to heat water for all of your household needs, including showers, then you may want to invest in the water coil.  Having a water coil installed will mean that your Kitchen Queen is capable of heating up at least twice as much water, twice as fast.  It is possible to plumb your Kitchen Queen to a separate tank, a range boiler, and this would require you to have a water coil installed.

For more information about the water coil and water reservoir options be sure to watch the videos below.  These videos will discuss how to install the water coil, how to connect your water reservoir, and when the water coil is needed.  All of this information is recorded at Kitchen Queen’s factory and is discussed with Kitchen Queen owner Duane Miller.



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