Kitchen Queen Wood Cookstove Fast Warm Up Video

Many people think about purchasing a wood cookstove, but they stop before making the actual purchase because of convenience.  There is the thought that a wood cookstove is not a quick or easy appliance to use.  People often think only about having to spend hours splitting wood and then another hour or so fighting to get the fire lit in the stove.  Then finally, they believe they have to wait another hour or so for the stove to get up to cooking temperature before they can even start making dinner.  These thoughts sometimes stop people from ever looking at all of the benefits that a wood cookstove can bring to a home.  This step by step video will show you how false many of those ideas are.  There is no need to start preparing for dinner at breakfast time just because you are using a wood cookstove.  The Kitchen Queen’s oven can be up to cooking temperature within 15-20 minutes of lighting the stove.  That’s not very much different than waiting for an electric or gas oven to heat up.  If you are only going to be doing stovetop cooking, that time can be cut in half.  How long does it take to boil water on a conventional stove?  Within 10 minutes, the stovetop of the Kitchen Queen can be over 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the temperature that needs to be reached in order to boil water.  Taking those points into consideration, a wood cookstove doesn’t seem quite as inconvenient any more.  Then add on the benefits of being able to heat your home and water, along with not having to use gas or electricity to do so, and a wood cookstove looks like a darn good investment.

**Intensity of the fire, burn time, and ease of lighting is all going to depend on the type of wood you are using and the dryness of the wood. 

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