Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove 480 Green and Cream



Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Model: 480 Green and Cream

Green and Cream Wood Cook stove, Comes with Warming oven


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The Kitchen Queen Cook Stove, With Green and Cream Color has been designed and tested with economy, efficiency , and utility in mind.  The Kitchen Queen works with natural heat convection.  The design is a radical and daring departure from the wood ranges of yesteryear.

It will:

Cook your Food Heat your Water Warm your Home

Bake your Bread

Save you Money


Kitchen Queen features:

New design reduces creosote  buildup to a bare minimum. 

Under normal circumstances, virtually no liquid creosote is deposited in the stove.

Two hot water heating systems:

a 17 or 25 gallon reservoir that fits neatly on the back of the stove (taking up no extra floor space), or coils for hooking up to a remote storage tank.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel with all seams welded throughout for lifetime airtight construction.
Large airtight firebox capable of heating up to 2500sq. ft. Choice of two sizes. Large fire loading door reduces wood splitting.
Large even-heating oven. 

Heat is first directed under the oven to work with natural heat convection.

Porcelain enamel finish High back with 7" or 9" warming shelf keeps things you need handy.
Warming Oven or Shelf Stay cool spring handles. No splitting or burning off.
Porcelain enamel oven liner. Smooth one-piece top with 10 inch lids makes cleaning easier.

Grates and ash pan for easy cleaning.


Greg 12/11/2014

Satisfied Customer!

Anyone looking to purchase a wood cook stove needs the KQ!

Thomas Connelly 12/11/2014


The kitchen queen is a great stove. I am glad that I found such a great store to purchase from. Not only did I get the right stove for us but they were very friendly.

Stacy & Trent H. 12/11/2014

Nothing better than wood heat

Living in Michigan all my life I have learned that there is no set weather condition. The KQ not only gives us a better heat but a more reliable heating source. We no longer worry about the power going out because now we know we can keep our family warm no matter what.

Kathy & Todd G. 12/11/2014

Love the warming oven!

Our old wood cook stove didn't offer me the room to cook what I liked. When I came across this stove I had to have it! The oven is large enough for everything I want to bake and it cooks more evenly than it ever did in our old stove!

Jennifer V. 12/11/2014


Love this stove! Loved the service! Very satisfied with our choice to go through!

Janice 12/11/2014

Happy in Nebraska

This stove is amazing! The service I received through was remarkable. I send everyone to you guys when they have wood cook stove needs!

Marge 12/11/2014

Great tasting food

I was never one to enjoy cooking but now that we have the KQ I can't stop. This is a great stove!

Eric Mobley 12/11/2014

Love the glass door!

I am so glad we decided to go with the glass door. There is something that really brings about the feel of winter when you can look at the flames burning bright. I recommend anyone buying this stove goes with the glass door!

Sarah Banter 12/11/2014

KQ is amazing

This stove is the best wood cook stove I have ever used. It heats evenly, holds a strong fire, and the color really sets off the look. I could not be happier with my decision.

Stanley A. 12/11/2014

Love the color

The color of this stove is what sold my wife. She didn't want anything that was black so when I found this I instantly showed her. She had been wanting to redo our kitchen and this gave her the perfect chance. I knew I wanted the KQ no matter what but I am so glad that it is now available in this color.

Jim 10/08/2014

KQ Green & Cream

We just purchased our Kitchen Queen green & cream a few months ago and hadn’t really had a chance to use it. With the fall weather rolling in and the nights starting to get cold we finally had a chance to really see our well it works. Our house is a cozy 70 degrees and if we get cold the thermostat allows us to up the heat whenever we would like. The front-loading door makes it easy to put logs in and I don’t have to worry about it being too hard on my wife and kids when I am not around. My wife thought it would be hard adjusting to cooking on a wood stove but she has found it to be extremely easy to switch over. We had a large family gathering at the house a few days ago and our stove was the big talk of it all, as well as how great the food tasted. I am thankful that we were able to make this choice and from such a great company. I will be sending all of my friends to for their wood cook stove needs.

Allen G. 10/08/2014

Friendly service & great product!

This stove fits in great with our kitchen décor and my wife loves it just as much as I do. She was worried that a wood stove would be to plain but as soon as I told her about the green and cream she was already planning a new paint job for the kitchen. Our neighbors have a Kitchen Queen so I already knew how well it heated but had to make sure that ours would do the same so I gave a call. They were very friendly and ensured me that I was getting the same stove just in a different color. Now our house is warm and our meals our delicious. This is a great stove and I recommend that anyone looking for a wood cook stove goes with the Kitchen Queen green & cream from!

Tim & Janine T. 10/08/2014


When our old wood stove was no longer heating like it used to we knew it was time to buy a new one. We came across and instantly decided we wanted the green & cream Kitchen Queen. There were a few questions I needed answered so I gave them a call and they answered everything and were very thorough. A few weeks later we were installing our new stove. The heat it puts off is nothing compared to our old stove and the fact that we can use it when we have no power, which is Michigan can happen very often, makes it even better. I am no longer worried about our home getting to cold or what we will do if we get a storm. We are truly grateful that we were able to find such an amazing product from a great company!

Karen & Will Adams 10/08/2014

Great Buy!

The KQ Green & Cream is a great buy! We decided to add on the warming oven, summer grate, heat shield and glass door! It heats our entire home, 2,200 square feet, and I can easily adjust the temperature when needed. I stoke the fire at night and do not have to worry about it again until I get up. The warming shelves are great when cooking large or small meals. We have found so many great uses for our KQ and we will never go back to gas stoves or heat again!

Tony 10/03/2014

Happy Customer

The Kitchen Queen Green & Cream is a great stove! It holds a fire for a long time and my wife loves cooking on it! We knew that we wanted a Kitchen Queen but once my wife saw the green and cream she had to have it! When I called to find out more information about the Kitchen Queen the employees at were extremely friendly and made sure that all of my questions were answered. I will recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase a wood cook stove!

John 10/03/2014

Thumbs Up!

Amazing stove! Amazing customer service! Glad that I made the purchase from!

Jolene & Chris 10/03/2014

Love this color!

We had the black Kitchen Queen for 10 years and this year we decided to purchase the Green & Cream from I wanted to redo the kitchen and this stove just fits better with the color scheme. The Kitchen Queen really is the best stove there is on the market and there was no way we were going to change products. I am so glad that they have the Green & Cream now! I called to make sure that everything was the same except for the color and I received great customer service. We could not be happier that we were able to purchase this stove from They are the only company we will go to for our wood stove needs!

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Kitchen Queen Wood Cook  Stove 480 Green and Cream

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove 480 Green and Cream

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Model: 480 Green and Cream

Green and Cream Wood Cook stove, Comes with Warming oven


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